Tell Congress to Pass the AV START Act

Did you know that some 40,000 Americans were killed in an auto accident in 2017? What if we could decrease this number with American technology? Self-driving vehicles have tremendous potential to make travel safer. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that nearly 94% of auto crashes can be attributed to human error.  Vehicles guided with advanced technology hold the promise of eliminating human error and creating safer roads. In addition, self-driving cars have the potential to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents as well as provide greater mobility for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Beyond the obvious safety benefits, there are economic benefits too.  According to one study, traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy nearly $124 billion in 2013 and could add up to $2.89 trillion in cumulative losses by 2030. The use of self-driving cars could enable more efficient commutes and increase productivity while reducing harmful emissions.

Why are we waiting to unleash the safety, economic, and environmental benefits of this revolutionary technology?

It’s time for Congress to make our roads safer and pass the AV START Act.

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